Japan Travel Guide

Japan is purely lasting, a country where old practices are channeled with present times as they are the best traditional practices throughout the world. However, Japan looks very high tech but making a visit to the country can provide you several choices in learning about the traditions of Japan.


If you ever visit in Japan, you should make your stay in the Japanese cultural inn. You will have a chance to sit and enjoy the ancient and traditional rugs of tatami. Try to do traditional yoga with the priests of Japan and have some advice on how to make the green powdered tea.


According to the world recent report, Japan is clearly ahead of the Greenwich Time Zone for about nine hours. The whole country of Japan is dependent on the same time zone.


If you are traveling to Japan means that you are taking a visit to someplace that has great meals. Try to go to a traditional restaurant in Japan and pay every piece of attraction on every type of food to check out. In a small amount of time, you will know about different dishes of traditional Japan. Different season in Japan provides you several opportunities to discover dishes according to the time of year.


Japan has been blessed with four seasons throughout the year summer, autumn, Winter and Spring. However, the weather in Japan depends on the place where you are in Japan. Due to its great weather and climate, it has gathered much from its tourist attractions. Spring season would be the best time to travel to Japan.


Japan is large and slim, containing hungry volcanic mountains. The country of Japan consists about two-thirds of mountains and offers a great offspring throughout the year. In the summer season, it is best to hang out in the wild nature of Japan containing many temples and shrines to discover out. In winter season skiing is very popular throughout Japan for its tourist attraction.

Ease of Travel

Japan is really easy to visit and you can have a tour of Japan at public transportation cheaply and efficiently. However, the country of Japan for its travelers is really easy to move around due to its bullet train that can travel from the southern tip of Japan to Northern Tip.