How to Travel Light

When you travel light the adventure becomes much easier and enjoyable. Packing is hectic but it becomes easy if your pack smart and light. It’s best to keep the packing light whether you are scoping out new territory for your carpet cleaning Eugene business, or if you are taking a trip across the country with friends or family.  Packing light can save you time and money and will make for a much more stressless travel experience.

The following tips can be used when you want to travel light.

1. Choose the right bag

A small sized bag is recommended if you want to travel light as it forces you to only pack the essential items only. Backpacks are versatile and easy to carry around as compared to a wheeled suitcase which occupies a lot of space and is tiresome to carry around.

2. Pack Essentials

Don’t pack items that are not important to just simply feel safe or comforting. Take your time and think about every item you intend to pack before packing. Avoid over preparation as much as possible.

3. Don’t pack large items

Clothes such as boots or heavy sweaters wear them, this will save on space in your bag. Be knowledgeable about the weather of your destination and pack in accordance. Pack only travel size items since the space is limited.

4. Pack Shoes that can serve as multi-purpose

Pack shoes that can transition from day to night this saves you from packing shoes for every occasion. For example boots for winter, running shoes in case of outdoor activities and sandals for summer.

5. Use a packing list

This will guide you on knowing what to pack and thus prevents you from packing the nice to have items instead of the must-have. A packing list will keep you on track for packing the items that you’ll absolutely need on the trip, rather than reaching for items that are not important. Without a list, one can get carried away rather quickly and the bag will start filling up fast.  Avoid this by using a packing list and stick to it, no matter what!

6. Pack in Advance

Lay out all the items that you initially packed and then go through them again. By revising your packed items it allows you to remove any items which are not a must-have. By packing earlier it prevents you from over packing when under pressure. Always carry half of what you initially packed.

7. Make use of compression cubes

Use compression cubes e.g. the Eagle creek’s pack or even stuff sucks to help in organizing items into the bag and also help you to pack more in a small space.

8. Limit the number of just-in-case items

It is important to efficiently save on space and this is by avoiding the temptation of packing items which are to be used on special occasions instead we should emphasize on replacing them with essential items.

9. Roll or fold

Roll or fold clothes whichever way is comfortable with you and it will also save on space. Some people find rolling to save on space as compared to folding.

It is thus important to pack smartly and light as this saves you on incurring extra expenses such as extra baggage fee, make multi-destination less tedious and also packing at your destination is easy.